Investment Advice from a Dentist

At a meeting a few years ago, Warren Buffet discussed what he tells young people when they ask him about the best investment that an individual can make. His answer? Yourself!

Mr. Buffet tells them “Just imagine that you are 16 and I am going to give you a car of your choice, any car you want to pick. But there is one catch. This is the the only car you are able to have for the rest of your life.” He goes on to describe how well that hypothetical car would be cared for – the owner’s manual would be read several times, the car would be garaged, the oil would be changed twice as frequently as necessary, and any little rust spot would be taken care of immediately.

Then he reminds his young audience that they only get one body with one mind, and it has to last a lifetime so it needs to be cared for in the same manner. He reminds them, “It doesn’t do any good if you start working on it when you are 50 or 60 and the little speck of rust has turned into something big.”

What a great analogy! In dentistry, the rust is tooth decay and gum disease. We would love to have each and every one of our patients come in at least twice a year to catch those rust spots before they spread.

Did you know that more money is spent in the U.S. on hair coloring products than on dental care? What is bothersome about this fact is that hair grows out, but you only get one set of teeth. We often hear “I don’t have insurance” as a reason for not having dental treatment. But we also see people spending substantial amounts of money on hair, fingernails, and even tattoos that aren’t covered by insurance either.

Dentistry is one area of health care where prevention has proven to be very effective. Routine cleanings, sealants, filling cavities while they are small, fluoride treatments – these all prevent the progression of dental disease. And you cannot be truly healthy if your mouth is not healthy. So my advice is: invest in yourself!